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Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties

Materials: Polyamide 66
UL ,RoHS,Reach,HF,PAFS compliant
Operating temperature: 0℃~85℃
Color: White, Black
Made of polyamide 6,6 raw material. Resistance to acids and corrosion.With good tensile strength and insulation.

Precautions For use

1. The environment requires rain and sun protection. The temperature is controlled at 5-45 °C (in the cold area is controlled at -5-45°C), and the relative humidity is 30-90%, so as to avoid the moisture loss or moisture of the product, so that the hardness, The pulling force changes and cannot be used normally.

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2. If the inventory time exceeds half a year, it must be re-examined to confirm that the product
pull force meets the standard before use.
After the product is unpacked, if it is not used up, it must be sealed and sealed to avoid water loss and harden it. The pulling force is high, and brittle fracture and cracking occur. At the same time, avoiding the high-humidity environment, the cable tie continuously absorbs water and causes tension. It becomes lower, and it appears elongated, pulled off, and loosened. The product bundle diameter please refer to our specifications and catalogue, can not be exceeded.

3. When tying cables or other items, do not pull the tail of the cable tie in the opposite direction.
This action will cause the head teeth and the teeth of the body to be damaged and loose, and the
tie is not tight.

4. The strength of the cable tie gun is moderate. The width of 2.5 is more suitable for 2-3KG. If
the gun force is too large, the reserved length of the cut-off position will be insufficient. The body
will be pulled white, deformed, elongated, and pulled off and loosened. According to the model of the cable tie, the selection of the cable tie gun is generally used, and the reserved length is 0.5mm as the standard.

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