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HDPE Shrink End Connector

HP-DS-EC is the heat shrinkable tubing made by polyolefin, with active adhesive lining for protecting splices from water and corrosion. It is typically designed to terminate and insulate multiple wire ends. The color-coded non-shrink plug-in terminal on the top can provide strain relief and anti-vibration in rugged environments, which excellently insulates and protects electronic connections. It offers long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, which is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals.

Feature and Advantage

Shrinkage ratio: 4:1
Specially designed heat shrinkable tubing has an active adhesive that seals between multiple wires
Shrink closed-end connectors can replace wire nuts in environments where need to be sealed
Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance
High elasticity keeps steady performance
Water proof and moisture resistance
Operating temperature: -55℃~125℃
Minimum shrink temperature: 180℃

Insulation: Polyolefin


hdpe shrink end connector 7

Part No Cable Size Dimension (mm)  


HP-DS-EC-1.25 22-16 0.5-1.5 2.55 36.3 6.3 30.0 9.0 5.0 Red
HP-DS-EC-2 16-14 1.5-2.5 3.1 38.3 8.3 30.0 9.1 5.7 Blue
HP-DS-EC-5.5 12-10 4-6 5.3 42.0 10.0 32.0 12.0 8.0 Yellow

Product application field

Hampool products are widely used in different applications such as wire harness, cable assemblies in commercial electronics, automotive, military, industrial, equipment, truck, and marine, etc.

Service Guarantee

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Quality control

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Factory introduction

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Customer FAQ

1.Q: Which certifications or test reports do you have?
A: We have UL and RoHS tested by SGS.

2.Q: How to ship my order? Is it safe?
A: For small package, we will send it by Express, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS.For big packages, we will send them By AIR or By SEA. We will use good packing and ensure the safety. We will be responsible to any product damage caused on delivery.

3.Q: What about your lead time?
A: We have a lot of products in stock.We can send the stock products in 3 work days.If without stock, or stock is not enough, we will confirm lead time with you according to your order quantity.

4.Q: Can you provide samples? Are the samples free ?
A: Yes, we can provide samples.Usually for our standard products with stock, we can supply samples free for testing.

5.Q: Could I put my own logo on it?
A: Sure, you can as we are a professional manufacturer and have over 10 years OEM experience.

Qualification certificate

RoHS, CE, UL, Reach, ISO9001.

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